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Disclaimer and Notification about Color Presentation


The colors of area rugs presented on this website are only representations of the true color of the physical area rug. While we make every effort to obtain accurate images and catalog colors correctly, everyone sees color differently and every computer monitor displays colors differently.  We cannot guarantee the accuracy of color for the area rugs on this website. While images presented on this site are 85 - 95% color correct and our manufacturer associates use professionals we cannot control the source origins of our images.

The following is an excerpt from Northern Images explaining how different monitors display color and how many colors they can display.

How does the image get displayed on your screen?

Your screen can only display a subset of the colours present in the file from the camera - the translation from what is in the file to what is on the screen is carried out using the monitor profile.


Different screens have different capabilities, so even matching images on two screens is not a trivial task.

The two images below show the difference in performance (size of black triangle) between my own laptop and Apple 23" screen

Gamut comparison (size of triangles) -- Apple 23" LCD vs. Apple PowerBook.

The range of colours covered (the gamut) is greater with the Apple 23" LCD

Disclaimer and Notification about Size Presentation

Please note, not all rug styles may be available in all sizes listed. We do our best to keep up to date with the vendors' ever changing sizes. Please call if you should have any questions in regard to a rug size.

All rug sizes are approximate.